Set in medieval times, this legendary tale is a romance from beginning to end. If you like stories of


Kings, Queens, Knights and Noble characters, you will love this opportunity to be part of. This play offers

two great lead characters, seven main characters, eight supporting characters and extras who round out this

musically inspired production. For the talented theater professional, this play offers both speaking and drama roles


along with non-speaking and drama roles. This play is musically driven with great instrumentals, along with


live accompaniment. 


Two elegant dance scenes offer an experienced dancer a great opportunity to perform with several others. for this


production of "In the Manner of Men", a medieval French love story, location undisclosed.


All paid acting roles; speaking and non-speaking require the following; a clear background, a UT DL, 1-2


theater or Performance Arts credits or referrals. This play is for Utah theater only. Applicants must live

within 50 miles of performance location or be able to attend all required schedules.

All acting roles and production crew, dancers, musicians are paid positions, with a bonus system upon successful


completion of play.

We do not accept film actors, film crew, or models for any position because of possible conflicts in scheduling or


anyone under the age of 18 years old. We are accepting inquiries for the following positions: Managing Director,


Production Crew, Actors, Extras, Musicians, Dancers. To submit a letter of interest:

Available Now - Managing Director - Theater Performing Arts
Accepting inquiries for a Managing Director. To apply for consideration; please send a letter of interest, BIO or resume to

This position requires:
1-2 theater credits or performing arts degree, 2 professional references
Clear background
UT DL must live within 50 miles of production location

Management Duties include:

* Must be able to hire all Production Crew and Actors within appointed time/schedule
* Must be able to manage schedule, rehearsals and productions
* Stays within budget and schedule
* Manages production location
* Works with the Owner/Writer on all decisions
* Completes the production successfully

This position pays salary DOE starting at $56K, annually along with a bonus upon completion of each production. This is a FT and PT job, working on site and at home as needed.

This position allows the Managing Director to hire all paid key personnel and an Assistant if needed.


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